Little Miss Muffet


Posted on: November 2, 2010

Monday… sucks. What I did today:

  • Got up around 5:30am (A little late than my usual)
  • Arrived at UST around 7:40am
  • Had my Phil Lit class (I enjoyed it though)
  • Received sir Alex’s text…
  • Eyes widened
  • Smug
  • Poker face + Realization
  • WTF, I only came to school for my one hour class.

I had my class for only one hour. Our ICS3 lab professor wasn’t present because he had to attend a meeting with CHED. Almost all of us celebrated, but for me… NO. 9 hours of lab = DOOMED. What shall we do now? We can’t afford to have any make-up classes because of our schedule for this week and next week. -_- WHAAAT. I looked up for a free schedule. I was shocked. FRIDAY, 4:00pm -7pm.


I enjoyed Phil Lit class, though. (As usual!) We even one a small class competition. All hail the masters.

Quotable quote for today: “Corruption starts at home, improved at school and applied at society.”

OH, WAIT. I’m not yet done.

  • 10:00-11:00am, practice for our Social Dance pre-finals. For those who are taking this PE, it’s very stressful, isn’t it?
  • 11:00-12:30nn, sat somewhere at Lover’s Lane while watching 2 IT-C practice for our speech choir for our RC.
  • Had fun watching Jaro’s MJ style (with the help of Renz and James, of course) Look!
  • 12:30nn-2:40pm, I got the chance to play DOTA (or was it called Fight of the Characters?) with Renz, Jaro and Pons. All I can say… FAIL. They were like already in level 25 and I was only in level 12.
  • 3:00pm, ate with Chan! McDo, burger + icecream + his company + time = ❤
  • 3:50-5:00pm, practiced for Social Dance (again)

And now… I’m finishing my Ethics paper plus I’m waiting for him to finish his training.

I want enough rest.



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