Little Miss Muffet


Posted on: November 2, 2010

I woke-up one rainy Wednesday morning, sat and stared at the dark room. For a moment, I wasn’t able to process anything, then… BOOM! Hello, college. That day would be my first in the University of Santo Thomas, and it was raining. Oh, joy. I may already experience the flood they’re talking about, I told myself. That would be the day that I would step on a new floor, walk through a new corrigdor and see different people. It made me feel… sad. I grew up in St. Bridget. Loyalty awardee— 11 years.

First jeep ride early in the morning. 5:45AM, I checked my watch. A lot of time before classes starts. Nika and I were supposed to meet up in LRT, but with some misunderstanding, I was waiting at the entrance and she was waiting at the platform. We met around 6:15AM.

Am I going to be late for the first day?

Surprisingly, no. I just experienced riding in a pedicab while the rain was falling really hard. I was wet, I tell you. WET!

I arrived around 6:55AM. Joooy. 5 minutes. Wow.
Wait, I’m not yet done.
Check the reg. form. Room 44? Yes. Room 44. Fourth floor.
It was a tiring step step step journey.
Hello, classroom. Hello…*gulps* CLASSMATES.

Is it just me or the population of female students in that room was outnumbered by the opposite sex?

Wow. First day trauma.

That was about 2 months ago, I was really not comfortable with all the 4:30AM waking time. I needed some more rest, afterall, I am still a teenager. I was going through bizarre thoughts like, “What if maging dead kid ako?”. Funny as it is, it’s true. Weird. I. KNOW. RIGHT.

I feel it’s like years ago, but the funny thing is, I feel my high school life was more recent.

I miss high school. Halata naman, ‘di ba?

After weeks, I got to know most of my classmates— Clar, Rianne, Julius, Paolo, Renz, Wenny, Cedric and others. We had the traditional lunch together after class. (’cause our class ends around 12) Surprisingly, I adjusted easily. I was the vice president of our class, nominated by the president.

And wait, I have a guy classmate named Szanelle.
Cool, right?

So, I succeeded. Hello, blog. More stories! FRESHMAN WALK, especially.
Good night. Let me have some rest, and congratulate me, will ‘ya?


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