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Posted on: November 2, 2010

Time to post something nice. I’ll start from scratch.
What to type?

First day of the second semester.

As what I expect, there would be new classmates. The Faculty of Eng’g doesn’t have any block sections, it changes every semester.

I arrived around 6:35 in the morning. I only saw 1 new face when I arrived, he was very quiet. Reading a book and was all alone at the back. As usual, Lhai & the others were there. *IT-B pa rin \m/* Around 6:45, a group of students arrived. A girl sat next to me. I was still for a moment then I looked at Clar. I was like “Kakausapin ko ba?” and she was like “Uh. Ikaw bahala. Friendly ka naman! *LAUGHS*”. I don’t know what to do —- Oh, boy. It was just like the first day of college again.

Scan your surrounding first. A girl sitting next to me (Woah. She’s tall, I guess), a boy next to her(Joker?), 3 guys behind us(Namumula ata yung isa? Is it normal or what?), and 3 guys in front of the joker(Parang may sarili silang mundo? /:) :P)

“Anong section kayo galing?”

That’s what I said. Yep. THAT’S WHAT I SAID. =)) Awkward stage. I KNOW. -.- The girl replied that they were from 1 CS-E. So Clar and I were surrounded by the new IT-Bs. *OKAY LANG. LET’S BE FRIENDLY CLAR. =))*

So the guys behind us were Jonas, Jai & Reggie.
The girl beside me was Verna and the guy beside her was Ted.
I don’t know the names of the three in front of Ted. *Kasi nga may sarili silang mundo* =))

Lhai was her usual jolly self. She was going around the room, asking the new IT-Bs names. We met Jomar, Dominique, Sean & Chester. On the other side was Deo & Cathy plus Jullie Anne. They seem quiet?

As we were going around the room, we approached the 3 guys *who were having their own world*. Finally we got their names. Mato, Drans & John. —Mukha naman silang mabait at tahimik? That’s what I thought. :> As soon as we got their names, Julius, Paolo, Ced, Elaine and other past IT-Bs entered the room. I started shouting, “WEH! Ba’t may A dito? WEH WEH WEH.” I was not bitter, okay? I was just joking them. NOT BULLYING. Well, except for Julius. =)) As expected, we didn’t meet all the professors that day. Only one came in. Mrs. Zaide.

The bell rang, I looked at my watch—-11am. I wanted to bond with the new IT-Bs but I guess it’s just not the time. Maybe tomorrow—-or the day after.

How many weeks has it been? /:) I never knew that IT-B for this semester would be fun. Yes, I miss the other guys but it was just okay. Erick, Pons, Clar & I plus Von were still together. We got close with some of the people from 1 CS-E.

I forgot to tell you, I was nominated as the class president.
And in the other section, Julius was also the class president.
Wow. 1 IT-B \m/

First impressions. Let’s see:

Verna-Tall? Tahimik? Yep. Check
Ted-Joker? Check.
Jai-Matalino? CHECK!
Reggie-Tahimik? HMM. Partly CHECK?
Mato-Mahiyain? Pwede na. CHECK
John-Tahimik? UHUH! CHECK!
Drans-Maingay? NOOO. X X X! =)) Ang tahimik ni Drans. :-“
Raymart-Makulit? CHECK CHECK CHECK!
Dominique-Maingay? NOOO.
Sean-Makulit? YEP.
Chester-Mahiyain? CHECK.
Jomar-Tahimik? CHECK!
Deo-Makulit? Yep. CHECK. XD XD
Cathy-Friendly? CHECK. 😉
Julie-PE MATE! CHECK. :>
Gilian-Maingay? Noo.
Colleen-Friendly? Yep!
Crizzy-Friendly? Sobrang CHECK CHECK! 🙂
Melvin-Makulit? YESSSZZ.

That is my list. The people whom I gave a first impression and found out if it’s true or not.
I have 3 more months left to know the real them.

The greatest catch though was, I never expected that there would be a person that would become a not-so-ordinary someone for me. Lalala. It’s for you to guess. *If you’re from 1 IT-B, there’s no need though. :-“


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