Little Miss Muffet


Posted on: November 2, 2010

So True.

My HS years were the best part of my life, so far. During those days, I matured. I met my true friends. I’ve learn to cope up with big issues.  But most of all, during those years, I learned how to be independent.

I’ll miss my school for eleven years: St. Bridget

I’ll miss my friends: Monica, Ciara, Keema, Cheska, Ordi, Ana, Claire, Inna, Aira, Kat, Ciaeli, Marc & Clara.

I’ll miss awesome people in that school: My barkada, lower batch friends, teachers and my class when I was a second year student.

I’ll miss the times when we could be with each other any moment. The times when we just want to be beside each other.

I’ll miss the “good morning”s of the people there.

I’ll miss everything about being a high school student.

Life goes on. I miss them now and I’m sure that I’ll even miss them even more in the future. We have different paths to walk on now. But I’m sure, no matter what happens, we’ll meet each other at some part of the long road we have. After all, the memories, the love and the friendship would never be forgotten. 🙂

Cheers to the four years.

Cheers to friendship.


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