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Posted on: November 2, 2010

*Brain starts to refresh*



We just had the final set of our final examinations yesterday. ICSLab was easier than we expected. (We were expecting an out of this world type of test. LOL.)

Accounting was okay. Except for the last part. I forgot what should I do with the journal entries. Gaah. So much for reviewing for 3 hours. Mental block. 😦

What happened before the finals?

101010. A Run for the Pasig River.

This was a tiring day. Srsly.

I woke up around 2am and met up with them around 3am at MRT Cubao station. We were planning to ride the free bus to CCP once we get off MRT Taft station. LUCKILY  (UGH), there was no bus when we arrived. What to do? We walked. Walked from where to where?


I know what you’re thinking… DAIG PA NAMIN ANG NAG 10K. The program ended before 9 am. The signal was very weird that time. We were not able to send or receive text messages. I spent 3 hours with him walking around MOA. But we were really tired because of our so called adventure so we decided to go home.

Colleen’s 18th birthday.

No party. YET. We’re hoping for a good weather tomorrow. Pleaaaaaaaase. SMS = Samahang Mas Sasarap.

We surprised her with the roses somewhere near the Arch of the Centuries.

What happened during the finals?

Stress Of course. But I’ll be sharing something else.

Paolo Tan’s 23rd birthday —- but he considers it as his 18th birthday party.

We ate somewhere in Tondo. A Chinese restaurant. It was the first time I ate roasted duck. The meat was yummier than chicken meat… but, OMG. FATS. CHOLESTEROL.



It was still yummy though. I left that fats. CAN’T EAT IT.

I had the chance to bond with my BARAKO BOYS. ❤

Hello, Julius, Cedric, Erick, Pons, Paolo & Renz!


I also spent time with the F4 boys (as what Colleen named them).

Hello, Ted, Raymart, Drans, John and Mato! 🙂

Elaine, Uson, Kim and Pat Uy was also there.

Pat Uy’s eyes = 


ORIGINAL POST: October 17, 2010

I’m just happy it’s the start of our sembreak. ❤

More rest! 🙂


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