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Fighting for what is right is never an easy task

Posted on: March 2, 2011

When we were just training for our CAT before our last school year in high school, our adviser told us to get ready for all criticisms we may receive when we’re already in the position. She also added that no matter how right you are, once a person doesn’t like you, whatever you say or do, you’ll always be wrong.

A few weeks after the school year and CAT training has started, I realized that, even though you are right and you are just really implementing the rules, those who doesn’t want to follow (or respect you and the rules) will surely find a way to say a lot of awful things. Not only against you, but against your “team”.

I just thought that drama would end in high school. I expected to have mature people in college, but in some point… I was wrong.

Fighting for what is right is never an easy task. You may get hurt and may even cry. People will always find a way to criticize you. But you should always hold you head up high. What matters most is you know the truth.



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