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I know it’s too early to thank God for a wonderful summer, but I can not help it.

I had the most productive summer (as of the moment) ever! I originally planned being a complete beach bum but the heck, I applied for a summer job at PLDT. I sacrificed my last relaxed summer. (Because we will have our OJT next year)
Our training lasted for three weeks plus the ramp for 5 days. We had two sites, one in Sampaloc and the other one in Libertad. During those days, my body clock was like of a vampire – tulog sa umaga, gising sa gabi. At first, I was really lazy to continue whatever we were doing. I even had the thought of resigning. But thanks to my awesome wavemates, each session was filled of laughter and kalokohan.

We had an English training wherein I really enjoyed. Seriously. I now know how to pronounce the “hard to pronounce or shit I’m just guessing how to say this” states in the US. I had fun saying the Chicago. I now know how to properly do the Advil A/American a, drop jaw, short e/i/o and etc. Our trainer was the best. Because she gives us breaks that we really deserve (okay, guess what that means!). We even gave her a cake during our last day. That’s how we will miss her.
During our OPS training, we learned how to navigate the system. It was pretty boring and nerve wracking but there was an issue we will never forge — the case of the missing cellphone. I just really love to laugh whenever we talk about it. Whoever did that was a complete idiot!
Yadda yadda yadda. I do not want to talk about everything but I want to show a picture of my wavemates. They are the happiest, craziest and noisiest people I know.

So the ramp has already ended. All those graveyard shift, those seem to be endless calls, the laughters and the crazy moment I shall never forget. I miss you, guys.
Our team leader looks like Aljur Abrenica and our OPS trainer looks like an artist (but I can not remember who). Hehe.


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