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Why would a person hate you for no reason? You’re not even talking. You’re not even spending time with each other. So, why?

Then, all of a sudden, his/her friends would feel the same. Peer pressure? Influence?

Whatever that crap is, maturity please.

I’m tired of all the issues people are giving me. I may not react to those, but it hurts me. Just so you know, you’re not only ruining my mood, my life, but you’re also ruining my reputation.

I just hope people would be mature enough not to believe everything they hear. Do not believe on second hand passed information.



Those who don’t like you, will never believe in any word you’ll say. It’s simple as that. Even if you tell them the truth, they will always find a way to criticize you (even those small things) or even bring down your reputation.

On the other hand, there are those people who would be easily influenced by those who hates you. If they are mature enough, they will become neutral. Or before judging you based on second hand information, they should ask you first. They should keep in mind that they should know both sides before making any judgement.

Friends will be friends, but at some point, they should know their stand. It’s not because you are friends with someone, you’ll always find him/her correct. Friends are there to give advices.

True friends will slap you in the face and hug you afterwards.

Life is hard.

Karma’s a bitch.

Be very careful.

Trust people who are worth it — if you’re already close friends, that doesn’t assures you that he/she won’t back stab you.


When we were just training for our CAT before our last school year in high school, our adviser told us to get ready for all criticisms we may receive when we’re already in the position. She also added that no matter how right you are, once a person doesn’t like you, whatever you say or do, you’ll always be wrong.

A few weeks after the school year and CAT training has started, I realized that, even though you are right and you are just really implementing the rules, those who doesn’t want to follow (or respect you and the rules) will surely find a way to say a lot of awful things. Not only against you, but against your “team”.

I just thought that drama would end in high school. I expected to have mature people in college, but in some point… I was wrong.

Fighting for what is right is never an easy task. You may get hurt and may even cry. People will always find a way to criticize you. But you should always hold you head up high. What matters most is you know the truth.


Due to excessive boredom and some resting after the heavy meal, I am now typing in my awesome Notepad. I can’t write any blog entry when I’m not typing here. Srsly. Who else? IDK. Am I weird or what? So this entry is about HOW TO DEAL WITH HATERS 101.

Haters are:

  • jealous bitches who can’t accept the fact that you’re awesome;
  • backstabbers/backfighters—- they may even be one of your “friends”;
  • confused admirers who have no idea why you’re awesome so they have no choice but to hate you;
  • judgemental people who base the “YOU” in some second hand passed information (mostly from the cyberworld);
  • people who are good in telling stories. They will do anything just to make you feel they’re the most intelligent people in Earth. They also like to tell lies so you’ll feel inferior. LOL;
  • pathetic creatures who take advantage of ANONYMITY;
  • loves to watch your every move;
  • people who will always try to redeem themselves ALL THE TIME. They will try to contradict every word you’ll say;

How to deal with them:

IGNORE EVERY HATE MAIL. After all, ignorance is bliss. Once you reply, it’s a never ending cycle. She’ll just reply and reply until you get pissed off or get tired.


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