Little Miss Muffet

Hindi naman literal. Pero maari naman.

Pinakamasakit sa lahat?

AKALA MO, M.U. kayo! O, ano? Nakakarelate ka na ba? Sige. Mainis ka lang. Alam kong mayroon ka ng gustong suntukin ngayon.

Pero bago ang lahat, simulan muna natin sa ganito.
M.U. — Malabong Usapan

Yung tipong parang kayo pero hindi naman. Nagkakatext. Nagkakasama. Nagkakausap.

Ano pa ba? AHH.

Naglalambingan. Kahit hindi mo alam kung lambingan nga ba ito o landian.

At dahil diyan sa paglalambingan slash paglalandian niyo, akala mo mayroon ng namamagitan sa inyo. Pinagkakatiwalaan mo na siya. Dahan dahan, nahuhulog ka na sa kaniya. Mapapaisip ka tuloy…

Ano nga ba mayroon sa atin?

Hay, nako. Kung ako sayo. Wag na wag ka muna mahuhulog hanggang hindi mo alam kung ano ba talagang namamagitan sa inyo.

Nako. Pwede ka nga palang magselos… pero wala ka nga lang karapatan.

Pwedeng pwede mo rin siya lambingin… kaso isipin mo baka may ibang lumalambing sa kaniya.

Napaparanoid ka na ba?

Tapos bigla mong malalaman na… may nanglalandi sa kaniya.

Gera ba gusto niya? ABA!

ABA! Teka, hindi naman siya sayo, hindi ba?

Nasaktan ka ba? Pero yung ang katotohanan. Malay mo, ikaw lang natuluyang nainlove sa kung ano man meron sa inyo. Sabi kong linawin muna!

E paano kung sabihin niya na normal lang pala yun sa kaniya?

Patay ka. Patay. Tignan mo! Normal lang pala eh. May pa-M.U. ka pang nalalaman.

Akala ko lang… Iba kasi siya sa akin. Akala ko lang pala yun.

Alam kong nasaktan ka. Direkta man o hindi, pinaasa ka pa rin niya, hindi ba?

Oo. At ang sakit sakit.

Tapos malalaman mo, may totoong ka-M.U. na siya. Tapos yung kakakilala pa lang niya. Taob ka?

Ako yung laging nasa tabi niya. Ako ‘tong lagi niyang kausap, katext at kasama. Ako yung laging nasa tabi niya. Tapos ipagpapalit lang niya ako?

Teka… hindi ka naman niya pinagpalit. Masakit man tanggapin. Inakala mo lang na M.U. kayo.



Mahal mo siya, pero taken ka na. Patay.

Hindi naman sa hindi ka na masaya dun sa isa, sadyang mas napapasaya ka lang nung dumating.

Ang problema nga lang, taken ka na. May bakod na. May kadena na.

Nagkakatext kayo ng patago. Nagkikita ng patago. Kapag kasama mo ang kasintahan mo, nasa isip mo pa rin siya. Aba, iba na yan.

Hijo, hija. Isipin mo muna ang ginagawa mo. Mas gugustuhin mo bang mawala na lang sila pareho? Masama mamangka sa dalawang ilog. Nakamamatay.

Hindi sa sinasabi ko na dyan ka na lang sa kasintahan mo, pero ang sa akin lang naman, kung kanino ka talaga tunay na masaya.

Sabi nga sa One More Chance,

Sometimes, love isn’t enough.

Ipagpipilitan mo pa ba ang sarili mo sa isang relasyon kahit alam mong hindi ka na masaya dito?

O papansinin mo tong bagong dumating na kakakilala mo pa lang at halos wala ka pang alam sa kaniya?

O aayusin mo muna ang buhay mo bago ka makapili sa kanilang dalawa?

Habang pinatatagal mo, mas nasasaktan ka, mas sinasaktan mo silang dalawa… kahit hindi alam nung isa na may iba.

Ayos buhay, habang hindi pa huli ang lahat.


True. Honestly, he was just a normal boy to me a few months back. He was just like any other boy in school. But now, he’ll always be the boy who stole my heart unexpectedly.

Happiest Valentine’s day for me. A three day celebration because:

1.) Sunday, Feb 13, I had to attend Mr. and Ms. Engineering’s Pageant

2.) Monday, Feb 14, he had classes until 7PM

3.) Tuesday, Feb 15, I had Org priorities

So, what happened exactly?

Sunday, I asked him if he wanted to watch the fireworks after the pageant. He said yes and asked me if I would like to eat first before rushing to the event.

Hello, Cellos and Good Burgers.

The usual food we eat when we’re outside his or my home. We rushed to UST because I had to give an award. I got the chance to see my White Light friends plus I met 3 TSITP candidates. 🙂 After the pageant, we went to the main field to watch the fireworks display. I guess that was meant to conclude the Engineering week. It didn’t last for 10-20 mins but I enjoyed it. We were planning to eat at an ice cream store but with some bad luck, it was already closed when we passed by.


We had no choice but to go home. As I was getting off the car, he said,

“Happy Valentine’s day in advance”, plus with that “you know there’s something going on” smile. But, I didn’t assume. I took the shower and read his text, “Don’t sleep yet, please?”, it was already 11:40 and I still have classes tomorrow morning. I  just opened my laptop and played PVZ. (Addict. Yes.) At exactly 12:00 he texted me the sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetest Valentine’s day message I have ever received.

Around 12:10, he texted me to go out of the house. As I was opening the gate, I saw him there. Standing. Smiling. (Blushing. Hehe.)

The sweetest thing ever.

He did that just to greet me Happy Valentine’s day plus to give me a white rose.

He’s making me feel like a little girl with a huge crush. Ftw.

Monday, I waited until 7PM because he had classes. Luckily, I helped a friend from 2-6, so I didn’t feel bored.

We just had dinner at Rodics. We ate there the same day last year. I think that was the first ever date. I don’t even know if I should call that a date. We were just friends back then.


Feb 14 @ UP Fair 2010

C: Saan tayo kakain?

S: Ewan. Kahit saan.

C: Rodics?


Feb 14 (Facebook)

S: Happy Single Awareness day!

C: Happy Single Awareness day din. 🙂

——— C: Pasingle single awareness day pa tayong nalalaman, tayo rin pala magkakatuluyan. 🙂 (Jan, 2011)

Tuesday, I just spent the rest of the day with him. 🙂

Simple but happy celebration. Having him is more than enough.

WHITE LIGHT: The Search for the Ideal Engineering Personality 2010

I never pictured myself walking on the stage wearing pretty clothes or presenting myself in front of people. Sure, I loved the stage because of my theatre days when I was in high school, but, who would ever thought I would be ramping there. I still smile sheepishly when I remember everything.

This is one of those unexpected blessings I received from God. I met a lot of people. Let’s give emphasis to A LOT, okay? Hahaha. The pageant boosted my confidence and made me realize a lot of things.

I would like to thank Rommel Guevara for being the best Mr. Information Technology/partner. We both placed in the pageant and we have received numerous special awards. I would like to thank people for appreciating our retro look in the formal wear. It was a bit Katy Perry though. Hehe. 😛

From the pre-pageant to the coronation night, thank you, everyone. Thank you, kuya VJ & ate Candice. Thank you, White Lighters. Thank you, Rom. Thank you, Papa. Thank you, God. 🙂

2010 has been, without a doubt, the most exciting year for me. Best one, so far.  From January until this December, God has been showering me with blessings I would never imagine. I have experienced new things and have learned a lot with the people around me. I laughed. I cried. I became stronger. I met a lot of friends. I may have gained few enemies along the way, especially those who misunderstood my actions or who I am, I’m still thankful for them. They made me realize that no matter how good you are to people, you cannot please everybody.

It’s also been a year without my mother and I admit I have not yet recovered. I guess it would take some time.

I lost a very important person to me this year. Around the first quarter of the year. I miss you. I still do. There’s a small hope from inside of me that we’ll fix everything. It’s not our fault IT didn’t work out. I miss you. I miss you as my boy bestfriend.

My bonding time with my high school friends was mostly during the debuts some of our batchmate had. Even though we’re not together everytime (like we were in high school), I know you girls will be the best damn thing I had. See you soon, future bridesmaids!

For my class this college, I cannot thank you enough for the time you have given me and each and everyone of us. You have proved me that college is exciting, fun and of course, memorable. Everyday with you guys is like a plus in my life. Thank you.

I do not want to make this long (for I plan to have another post. Hehe.) because I do not want to spoil my other posts.

2010, you have showered me with blessings.

God, you gave them all to me.

Thank you. Thank you for an awesome year.



When I was in high school, I would spend my money in buying new books or anything good to read. I managed to have my mini collection here in my room. But somehow, as I got too attached with my online accounts, my addictive side in reading suddenly vanished. I tried reading a series after the Twilight Saga and Harry Potter, but I never managed to finish it. I stopped at book three.
I tried to to revive it. I bought four books when I was in first year college. I managed to read two out of four. My special someone back then gave me a book as his sorry gift. He knows I’m addicted to books. He even bought one book of the series I planned to finish.

There’s this person who gave me another book, I saw it in my closet yesterday. It was still wrapped in its original packaging.

I opened it.

Flipped the pages.
The smell of new book.

I miss reading.

I miss spending time with my books.

Here I am, trying to finish this book. I’m in page four as of 2:31PM.

I hope I can finish this.

I miss having those weird moments where in you would just stare blankly at one corner and think of the scenes that are happening in the story. I miss the feeling of being irritated with the main character or villain. I miss thinking about the story’s alternative ending.

Creativity. Addiction. Reading.

Once I finish this, I hope I can read the other book I bought a year ago.

And all the books I left unopened.

I believe she was destined to be my biological sister.

Clarissa was my first best girl friend in college. She was like a sister to me. I would tell her everything—nonsense or not. She knows everything—deepest secrets evenShe would even understand my actions. There was a time when I didn’t speak or say anything, but she knew exactly how I felt. She hugged me. I smiled… I wanted to cry. She was always there to listen and to give some random advice.

She was my sun. She gives me warmth when everything and everyone else was cold.

It’s been nine months since I lost my sun.

She transferred school just this school year. Honestly, it broke my heart. I lost someone I loved and trusted. I know she’ll still be by my side, but it’s not just the same. Sure, she can text and call me whenever she wants, but she won’t be in the classroom, waiting for me to tell stories. She won’t be in front of the Engineering building, waiting, with Erick and the others. She won’t be there to give me warm hugs.

I won’t be able to hug her whenever I want. I won’t be able to cry or laugh with her anytime I want.

She understood me. She knows everything about me.

It’s been nine months since I last saw her in the fourth floor of the Engineering building.

I lost a part of me when she left.

Until now, she’s the only girl I know who can understand me.

Thank you, Clar. Thank you for sparing some of your time to visit me/us this Paskuhan. I sure miss you.


Guess Who?

Retro Shot. Jeco Olimpo 2010 (c)

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