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I was cleaning my room a while ago (because I have to. It doesn’t look like a girl’s room anymore because of the pieces of papers I used during our exam week, plus the books and notes.) and look what I found!

My planner plus these 2 bracelet that were given to me by Mato. It glows in the dark? Haha. Idk how to describe them. He bought it during UST’s Paskuhan last year. It seems childish, but believe me, you were cool that night if you have one of these. I saw it in my drawer. I kept it pala ‘no?

NEXT. This. This BLING BLING! B-) This was given to us by the ESC during our Freshman Walk last year.

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Time to post something nice. I’ll start from scratch.
What to type?

First day of the second semester.

As what I expect, there would be new classmates. The Faculty of Eng’g doesn’t have any block sections, it changes every semester.

I arrived around 6:35 in the morning. I only saw 1 new face when I arrived, he was very quiet. Reading a book and was all alone at the back. As usual, Lhai & the others were there. *IT-B pa rin \m/* Around 6:45, a group of students arrived. A girl sat next to me. I was still for a moment then I looked at Clar. I was like “Kakausapin ko ba?” and she was like “Uh. Ikaw bahala. Friendly ka naman! *LAUGHS*”. I don’t know what to do —- Oh, boy. It was just like the first day of college again.

Scan your surrounding first. A girl sitting next to me (Woah. She’s tall, I guess), a boy next to her(Joker?), 3 guys behind us(Namumula ata yung isa? Is it normal or what?), and 3 guys in front of the joker(Parang may sarili silang mundo? /:) :P)

“Anong section kayo galing?”

That’s what I said. Yep. THAT’S WHAT I SAID. =)) Awkward stage. I KNOW. -.- The girl replied that they were from 1 CS-E. So Clar and I were surrounded by the new IT-Bs. *OKAY LANG. LET’S BE FRIENDLY CLAR. =))*

So the guys behind us were Jonas, Jai & Reggie.
The girl beside me was Verna and the guy beside her was Ted.
I don’t know the names of the three in front of Ted. *Kasi nga may sarili silang mundo* =))

Lhai was her usual jolly self. She was going around the room, asking the new IT-Bs names. We met Jomar, Dominique, Sean & Chester. On the other side was Deo & Cathy plus Jullie Anne. They seem quiet?

As we were going around the room, we approached the 3 guys *who were having their own world*. Finally we got their names. Mato, Drans & John. —Mukha naman silang mabait at tahimik? That’s what I thought. :> As soon as we got their names, Julius, Paolo, Ced, Elaine and other past IT-Bs entered the room. I started shouting, “WEH! Ba’t may A dito? WEH WEH WEH.” I was not bitter, okay? I was just joking them. NOT BULLYING. Well, except for Julius. =)) As expected, we didn’t meet all the professors that day. Only one came in. Mrs. Zaide.

The bell rang, I looked at my watch—-11am. I wanted to bond with the new IT-Bs but I guess it’s just not the time. Maybe tomorrow—-or the day after.

How many weeks has it been? /:) I never knew that IT-B for this semester would be fun. Yes, I miss the other guys but it was just okay. Erick, Pons, Clar & I plus Von were still together. We got close with some of the people from 1 CS-E.

I forgot to tell you, I was nominated as the class president.
And in the other section, Julius was also the class president.
Wow. 1 IT-B \m/

First impressions. Let’s see:

Verna-Tall? Tahimik? Yep. Check
Ted-Joker? Check.
Jai-Matalino? CHECK!
Reggie-Tahimik? HMM. Partly CHECK?
Mato-Mahiyain? Pwede na. CHECK
John-Tahimik? UHUH! CHECK!
Drans-Maingay? NOOO. X X X! =)) Ang tahimik ni Drans. :-“
Raymart-Makulit? CHECK CHECK CHECK!
Dominique-Maingay? NOOO.
Sean-Makulit? YEP.
Chester-Mahiyain? CHECK.
Jomar-Tahimik? CHECK!
Deo-Makulit? Yep. CHECK. XD XD
Cathy-Friendly? CHECK. 😉
Julie-PE MATE! CHECK. :>
Gilian-Maingay? Noo.
Colleen-Friendly? Yep!
Crizzy-Friendly? Sobrang CHECK CHECK! 🙂
Melvin-Makulit? YESSSZZ.

That is my list. The people whom I gave a first impression and found out if it’s true or not.
I have 3 more months left to know the real them.

The greatest catch though was, I never expected that there would be a person that would become a not-so-ordinary someone for me. Lalala. It’s for you to guess. *If you’re from 1 IT-B, there’s no need though. :-“

First stop, we had to reserve the schedule we picked. 1 IT-B pa rin! *SMILES* I, with Erick, arrived at UST around 6:04 in the morning. Excited? Not really. Haha. I just want to be early. Ayoko kasing maubusan ng slot.

Being early, Clar, Erick & I were laughing and teasing one another “EARLY BIRDS, HA?”. It was really funny. (And yes, I cried while laughing. If you really know me, you won’t be surprised.) When some of our blockmates arrived, we were bullying them —- B! B! B! Wag na kayong mag-A! Ganiyanan naman, e. *It had no effect. 😐 :)) They still picked A over B.*


*The day before*

Shannel: What the? May MONDAY classes na tayo?!
Clar: What? Saan mo nakita?

Haha. We were surprised we had Monday classes. So much for being in the Faculty of Eng’g. I thought Monday is a no classes day. 😐 Anyway, PE schedule every Tuesday is still my pick. Parang hindi ako sanay na isang araw lang pahinga ko. Psh.


Around 7:30, the guard allowed us to go inside. As usual, nanguna ako*Evil Smile* I was first in the line. :> *SMUG* My blockmates were laughing at me, they were telling me, “Ikaw talaga. Una lagi.” =)) I. KNOW. RIGHT. But waaaait, we had one little problem. We were not sure where is the venue of the actual reservation of the sections was. We were receiving texts that it was in the IT faculty and another one saying it will be in Rms 44, 45 & 46! We were srsly confused. I was going up and down the 3rd and 4th floor to see any signs where it might be… and came kuya ——*I don’t know his name*. He told us to follow him.


So mali yung pinilahan namin?

Well, not really. It was really in the IT faculty BUT ON THE OTHER SIDE! 😐 All of us were running/racing to get in front of the door.

As usual, nasa harapan pa rin kami. =))

Hail, 1 IT-B! \:D/

We met Sir Alex inside. We were the first batch to enter the room. Hello, IT-B. We can now breathe easily. Yay!

2nd stop: Viewing of the available PE schedules.





What the? ARNIS AND KORFBALL LANG PWEDE? You must be kidding us right?

The whole class was shocked to see the list of available PE schedules. 😐 No choice, I had to choose between a better PE (KORFBALL) and the better schedule (ARNIS).

GULPS. Arnis?! I may pick that one because I don’t want to wait for 4 hours for Korfball. 😦

Guess Who?

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