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The hardest part of this whole situation is that neither of us knows what’s going on. Neither of us knows what each other’s thinking and we’re both trying to make decisions based on information we don’t know. I’m scared to tell you my feelings just in case you don’t feel the same way.

I hate seeing one of my best friends sad because of a situation like this. Why? Because I know it exactly feels.

I experienced this not so long ago.

Believe me, it sucks. It may leave you sleepless for night, day dreaming for days and you may end up dreaming of what should be or what is happening.

It’s hard, ‘cause you don’t know who are you in his life. You would start asking questions to yourself, “Is he really like that to other girls?”, “Is this normal?”, “Why is he toooo sweet to me?” and other confusing questions because of your situation.


Girls, less expectation, less disappointment.

Rule number two: TAKE TIME TO KNOW HIM.

It never hurts to know him a little more. You would surely discover if he’s treating you differently.

Rule number three: DON’T FALL (yet)

It’s hard. Trust me. Never fall for someone. He may not catch you.

So take your time to know him and don’t ever expect something if you’re not sure what you are to him. Don’t fall if you’re not sure if he’ll catch you. But then again, if you have the courage to open up your feelings to him, why not? Just think that over and over and over (to the nth) again before doing this. It’s toooooo risky. Trust me. If things go out pretty well, you could end up like me. :)I never knew I would fall for this boy. This random boy from our batch. Who was he anyway before I got to know him? He was just a contestant in the pageant I joined. And now? He’s everything I want and need.

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