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True. Honestly, he was just a normal boy to me a few months back. He was just like any other boy in school. But now, he’ll always be the boy who stole my heart unexpectedly.

Happiest Valentine’s day for me. A three day celebration because:

1.) Sunday, Feb 13, I had to attend Mr. and Ms. Engineering’s Pageant

2.) Monday, Feb 14, he had classes until 7PM

3.) Tuesday, Feb 15, I had Org priorities

So, what happened exactly?

Sunday, I asked him if he wanted to watch the fireworks after the pageant. He said yes and asked me if I would like to eat first before rushing to the event.

Hello, Cellos and Good Burgers.

The usual food we eat when we’re outside his or my home. We rushed to UST because I had to give an award. I got the chance to see my White Light friends plus I met 3 TSITP candidates. 🙂 After the pageant, we went to the main field to watch the fireworks display. I guess that was meant to conclude the Engineering week. It didn’t last for 10-20 mins but I enjoyed it. We were planning to eat at an ice cream store but with some bad luck, it was already closed when we passed by.


We had no choice but to go home. As I was getting off the car, he said,

“Happy Valentine’s day in advance”, plus with that “you know there’s something going on” smile. But, I didn’t assume. I took the shower and read his text, “Don’t sleep yet, please?”, it was already 11:40 and I still have classes tomorrow morning. I  just opened my laptop and played PVZ. (Addict. Yes.) At exactly 12:00 he texted me the sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetest Valentine’s day message I have ever received.

Around 12:10, he texted me to go out of the house. As I was opening the gate, I saw him there. Standing. Smiling. (Blushing. Hehe.)

The sweetest thing ever.

He did that just to greet me Happy Valentine’s day plus to give me a white rose.

He’s making me feel like a little girl with a huge crush. Ftw.

Monday, I waited until 7PM because he had classes. Luckily, I helped a friend from 2-6, so I didn’t feel bored.

We just had dinner at Rodics. We ate there the same day last year. I think that was the first ever date. I don’t even know if I should call that a date. We were just friends back then.


Feb 14 @ UP Fair 2010

C: Saan tayo kakain?

S: Ewan. Kahit saan.

C: Rodics?


Feb 14 (Facebook)

S: Happy Single Awareness day!

C: Happy Single Awareness day din. 🙂

——— C: Pasingle single awareness day pa tayong nalalaman, tayo rin pala magkakatuluyan. 🙂 (Jan, 2011)

Tuesday, I just spent the rest of the day with him. 🙂

Simple but happy celebration. Having him is more than enough.


Caution: Mushiness ahead

This week was better than I expected. Well, except for the fact the our class doesn’t have any grade in Philippine Literature. My grades were higher than I expected it to be. I thank God from the bottom of my heart! Thank you so much. God is really good all the time! The online pre-sectioning was better than we expected. I guess everything’s improving!

It was also a sweet and random week for us.

First, before heading to the SMS party (post to follow), we had breakfast together at Jollibee.


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