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True. These are my favorite girls. I had a chance to spend time with them again after how many months. We’re in right college now, our schedules aren’t the same as before but that’s not stopping us to be like what we used to be.

I miss high school. I miss the feeling that they’re always there by yourside. Every morning, I know I’ll see them at the park. Every after class, I know I’ll see them outside the hallway or the lobby. Every after dismissal, I know I’ll see them at the covered court.

I miss their long warm hugs.

I miss our crazy moments.

I miss everything.

I miss them.

They’re like my second family. They’re my sisters. They exactly know how to make me feel loved, how to make me feel happy and how to make me feel the best. I swear they could make me smile even without doing anything.  I love them. And how I wish we could be just like before. I know we’re busy right now, but there’s still this tiny hope we would be able to catch up with each and every one of us.

I had fun with Sai’s debut. High school really never ends.



Not for readers below 18 years old.

SMS Party I. (There will be a part two of course. :>)

I was with my class last Monday. They’re the best people I met during the start of my college days. I love them. I love them with all my heart. We had a celebration for Colleen and Michael’s birthday. It was supposed to be Colleen, Michael, Dave and Jame’s birthday bash but unfortunately, the two was not present because of some personal reason.

It was held at Michael’s place. Or rather, it was held at Master Penny’s house. (He is one of the masters. LOL.) I had fun taking pictures of the things he posted inside the house. (He could pass for an event planner. SRSLY.) I saw Ronki cooking too.


Now, let’s head upstairs:

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I was cleaning my room a while ago (because I have to. It doesn’t look like a girl’s room anymore because of the pieces of papers I used during our exam week, plus the books and notes.) and look what I found!

My planner plus these 2 bracelet that were given to me by Mato. It glows in the dark? Haha. Idk how to describe them. He bought it during UST’s Paskuhan last year. It seems childish, but believe me, you were cool that night if you have one of these. I saw it in my drawer. I kept it pala ‘no?

NEXT. This. This BLING BLING! B-) This was given to us by the ESC during our Freshman Walk last year.

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Caution: Mushiness ahead

This week was better than I expected. Well, except for the fact the our class doesn’t have any grade in Philippine Literature. My grades were higher than I expected it to be. I thank God from the bottom of my heart! Thank you so much. God is really good all the time! The online pre-sectioning was better than we expected. I guess everything’s improving!

It was also a sweet and random week for us.

First, before heading to the SMS party (post to follow), we had breakfast together at Jollibee.


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*Brain starts to refresh*



We just had the final set of our final examinations yesterday. ICSLab was easier than we expected. (We were expecting an out of this world type of test. LOL.)

Accounting was okay. Except for the last part. I forgot what should I do with the journal entries. Gaah. So much for reviewing for 3 hours. Mental block. 😦

What happened before the finals?

101010. A Run for the Pasig River.

This was a tiring day. Srsly.

I woke up around 2am and met up with them around 3am at MRT Cubao station. We were planning to ride the free bus to CCP once we get off MRT Taft station. LUCKILY  (UGH), there was no bus when we arrived. What to do? We walked. Walked from where to where?


I know what you’re thinking… DAIG PA NAMIN ANG NAG 10K. The program ended before 9 am. The signal was very weird that time. We were not able to send or receive text messages. I spent 3 hours with him walking around MOA. But we were really tired because of our so called adventure so we decided to go home.

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I admit, I’m stressed. I lack sleep. My bed misses me. I need to relax. I need to refresh my brain. I NEED REST.  

Part 1 of 3 of hour hell week is done. Less stress. But I know there’s a lot of stress to come, especially with the last part of our hell week. Hello, finals.

So, how did our week go? STRESSFUL and TIRING.

I remembered kuya Benjo’s status:

For us IT students, there is no such thing as hell week.

Because everyday is hell day.


  • Monday: (refer to previous post)
  • Tuesday: PE pre-finals
  • Wednesday: IM101 case reporting + RC practice
  • Thursday: RC practice
  • Friday: Discrete Math quiz + Submission of project (LIT102)
  • Saturday: ICS3 removals + Accounting quiz + PE practice

I have an average of 3-4 hours of sleep for this week. 

Friday was a stress reliever, though. Spent the afternoon with him. IDK why, but he still has that aura that can relax me just because I’m with him.

Tomorrow’s a Sunday. I won’t be able to rest. SPORTS FEST TOMORROW!





Monday… sucks. What I did today:

  • Got up around 5:30am (A little late than my usual)
  • Arrived at UST around 7:40am
  • Had my Phil Lit class (I enjoyed it though)
  • Received sir Alex’s text…
  • Eyes widened
  • Smug
  • Poker face + Realization
  • WTF, I only came to school for my one hour class.

I had my class for only one hour. Our ICS3 lab professor wasn’t present because he had to attend a meeting with CHED. Almost all of us celebrated, but for me… NO. 9 hours of lab = DOOMED. What shall we do now? We can’t afford to have any make-up classes because of our schedule for this week and next week. -_- WHAAAT. I looked up for a free schedule. I was shocked. FRIDAY, 4:00pm -7pm.


I enjoyed Phil Lit class, though. (As usual!) We even one a small class competition. All hail the masters.

Quotable quote for today: “Corruption starts at home, improved at school and applied at society.”

OH, WAIT. I’m not yet done.

  • 10:00-11:00am, practice for our Social Dance pre-finals. For those who are taking this PE, it’s very stressful, isn’t it?
  • 11:00-12:30nn, sat somewhere at Lover’s Lane while watching 2 IT-C practice for our speech choir for our RC.
  • Had fun watching Jaro’s MJ style (with the help of Renz and James, of course) Look!
  • 12:30nn-2:40pm, I got the chance to play DOTA (or was it called Fight of the Characters?) with Renz, Jaro and Pons. All I can say… FAIL. They were like already in level 25 and I was only in level 12.
  • 3:00pm, ate with Chan! McDo, burger + icecream + his company + time = ❤
  • 3:50-5:00pm, practiced for Social Dance (again)

And now… I’m finishing my Ethics paper plus I’m waiting for him to finish his training.

I want enough rest.


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