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As I was chatting with my friend about her failed exam in her dream school, a lot of things have been popping out of my head.

  1. Cry if you must
  2. Learn to accept the result of the exam
  3. Pick out your second best option

and my favorite

4. That may be your dream school, but that school may not be the one for you.

I still believe everything happens for a reason. You may not have the chance to enter that school, but maybe there’s a reason behind it. You may not know it now, but you’ll surely discover it as you start your college life.

Hold your head up high. Smile. BE PROUD OF YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT.

Failing your entrance test in your dream university doesn’t really mean you’re stupid or you have studied/prepared less. 🙂

Accept and learn to enjoy your future school. That will surely help.



I woke-up one rainy Wednesday morning, sat and stared at the dark room. For a moment, I wasn’t able to process anything, then… BOOM! Hello, college. That day would be my first in the University of Santo Thomas, and it was raining. Oh, joy. I may already experience the flood they’re talking about, I told myself. That would be the day that I would step on a new floor, walk through a new corrigdor and see different people. It made me feel… sad. I grew up in St. Bridget. Loyalty awardee— 11 years.

First jeep ride early in the morning. 5:45AM, I checked my watch. A lot of time before classes starts. Nika and I were supposed to meet up in LRT, but with some misunderstanding, I was waiting at the entrance and she was waiting at the platform. We met around 6:15AM.

Am I going to be late for the first day?

Surprisingly, no. I just experienced riding in a pedicab while the rain was falling really hard. I was wet, I tell you. WET!

I arrived around 6:55AM. Joooy. 5 minutes. Wow.
Wait, I’m not yet done.
Check the reg. form. Room 44? Yes. Room 44. Fourth floor.
It was a tiring step step step journey.
Hello, classroom. Hello…*gulps* CLASSMATES.

Is it just me or the population of female students in that room was outnumbered by the opposite sex?

Wow. First day trauma.

That was about 2 months ago, I was really not comfortable with all the 4:30AM waking time. I needed some more rest, afterall, I am still a teenager. I was going through bizarre thoughts like, “What if maging dead kid ako?”. Funny as it is, it’s true. Weird. I. KNOW. RIGHT.

I feel it’s like years ago, but the funny thing is, I feel my high school life was more recent.

I miss high school. Halata naman, ‘di ba?

After weeks, I got to know most of my classmates— Clar, Rianne, Julius, Paolo, Renz, Wenny, Cedric and others. We had the traditional lunch together after class. (’cause our class ends around 12) Surprisingly, I adjusted easily. I was the vice president of our class, nominated by the president.

And wait, I have a guy classmate named Szanelle.
Cool, right?

So, I succeeded. Hello, blog. More stories! FRESHMAN WALK, especially.
Good night. Let me have some rest, and congratulate me, will ‘ya?

Moving up.
Sleepless nights.
Techno Hub.


Whatever word I may use, it would still narrow down into one word: COLLEGE.

I can not believe it’s our last day of wearing our school uniform tomorrow and I can not even imagine myself wearing other ones. I’ve been wearing that navy blue skirt since I was a prep student with the helmet hair style.

11 years.
From the ribbon to the neck tie.
From the full bangs, no bangs to side swept bangs.
From the two-student per computer without aircon to the one student per computer with aircon.
From Sister Tarcilla, Sister Rose to Sister Catalina.
From the Drama Club, Guhit Kamay Club, F.E.M.M.E. to the Dulaang Kabataan.

I’ve been a Bridgetine for eleven years.

I may use the word “nabubulok na ako dito.”, but I will not deny that I love this school. It’s the place where it all began. The experiences, dreams and of course, friends. My life would not be this great and exciting if I did not meet them.

College life will be just around in the corner in two or three months, we may not know what may happen but I do hope that one day when we decide to meet again, we would have a good talk. A talk about those days. A talk just like those days.

I want to believe that your high school friends will always be the people you want to be with until your hair turns gray.

A college friend may know how you act, but its your high school friend who knows why you act that way.


Two more weeks and I’ll experience a new school life—College. I really don’t know what to expect or what to do. I’ve been preparing for this new stage of my life since day one of my grade six year. Weird? No. I just had that personality to prepare as early as possible for something in the future.

I was browsing my planner a while ago when I remembered something, two months ago I was just writing stuffs in it for our promenade and graduation. I even wrote every bit of information I needed those days. The stuffs I need to bring, the activities we’ll do some day of the week, etc. *SIGHS*

I miss my friends and I know I’ll even miss the more in the future. We’re now studying in different schools and even our schedules don’t fit each other’s. I’ll miss our lunch bonding moments, the laughs, the tears, the jokes and the simple “we’re standing each other” moment.

Monica, my classmate and friend for four years, is my school mate again. BUT I guess we won’t be seeing each other that MUCH. Why? Her schedule’s 8:30-5:30 while I have a 7:00-12:00 schedule. I guess that’s how things will be. How it should be? I protest! *CRIES*

I remember the first time I stepped into the high school building. I wanted a fresh start those days. I had a barkada. We were twenty four. We were left by three the following year. My second year was my best year. THE BEST YEAR EVER. I met my true friends those days.



***K DESTINY. Don’t we have any choices?


So True.

My HS years were the best part of my life, so far. During those days, I matured. I met my true friends. I’ve learn to cope up with big issues.  But most of all, during those years, I learned how to be independent.

I’ll miss my school for eleven years: St. Bridget

I’ll miss my friends: Monica, Ciara, Keema, Cheska, Ordi, Ana, Claire, Inna, Aira, Kat, Ciaeli, Marc & Clara.

I’ll miss awesome people in that school: My barkada, lower batch friends, teachers and my class when I was a second year student.

I’ll miss the times when we could be with each other any moment. The times when we just want to be beside each other.

I’ll miss the “good morning”s of the people there.

I’ll miss everything about being a high school student.

Life goes on. I miss them now and I’m sure that I’ll even miss them even more in the future. We have different paths to walk on now. But I’m sure, no matter what happens, we’ll meet each other at some part of the long road we have. After all, the memories, the love and the friendship would never be forgotten. 🙂

Cheers to the four years.

Cheers to friendship.

Everyone misses high school, of course.

It was a big part of our lives that we wished won’t end. We met our true friends there, the ones whom you will treasure forever. I’ve been too emotionally attached to my friends, maybe that’s the reason why I can’t let go of my high school days. College is very different. Even though it’s been 4 months of this new life, there’s something different. I have my new sets of friends but I’m not really open with some things ‘cause I really don’t know if they’ll understand me as much my high school friends do.

I miss crying to them, I miss their massive hugs and the sweet talks we have. I will really forever remember school morning days, I’d expect them sitting at the park benches, laughing and waiting for our friends to arrive. Even my batch mates, I miss them. I miss the simple “good morning”s they would say. Of course the most common but funny thing you’d hear almost morning, “May homework ka? Pakopya.”

High school was, undoubtedly, the best part of our lives. Well, most of us.


Maybe there isn’t any such thing as good friends or bad friends, maybe there are just friends, people who stand by you when you’re hurt and help you feel not so lonely. Maybe they’re always worth being scared for, and hoping for, and living for, maybe worth dying for too, if that’s what has to be. No good friends, no bad friends, any people who want, need to be with you, people who build their houses in your heart.
Stephen King

I met my true friends here in my high school life. The ones who I stood up for and I stood up with. They’ve been here for me through anything, the same one goes for me. I’ve been there for them for how many days/months/years we’ve been together.

But people do change. During those times, I thought we could be together until our hair turns gray and all. I’m bitter when it comes to a particular friend, a particular person who became a very important part of my starting high school life. I won’t make any necessary comments. All I have to say is this, “It’s not that easy to forget.”. I miss you. Yes, I do. We do. But it’s just hard to forget certain times where in you ignored our “care”/”love”.

People come and go.

The people I need are those who are willing to be with me until our grand daughters meet and we’ll tell them about our true friendship.

To my friends who have been with me for the past years, thank you.


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