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I’ve never been contented with one blog hosting company.

So, I guess I’m back on WordPress. I’ve been with Tumblr for more than a year now. But I really miss real blogging. Not the “OH. I LIKE THIS!” *hits reblog button* or the “I CAN RELATE. Aww.” *hits the ❤ button*.

It’s not the I don’t love or like Tumblr. I love their easy to use features and their uniqueness. I love their free themes and I sure like their free customization of the theme’s HTML.

It’s like I had a blogs plus Facebook/Twitter.

I won’t delete or abandon my Tumblr. But I’ll be blogging more here on WordPress. More formal blogging, perhaps.

Wish me luck.


Guess Who?

Retro Shot. Jeco Olimpo 2010 (c)

Oh, hello.

First of all, I have no idea why you're here. It's either you're a random passer-by or an extreme stalker.

Who knows I had this blog? I'm in Tumblr already. Maybe, I just needed a real blog. Not the OOOOH!! I like this. *CLICKS REBLOG* kind of blog.

So, anyway. Just sit back and relax. If ever you find this blog annoying, feel free to click the red X button at the upper right corner of your browser or you could simply hit ALT + F4

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