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Oh, please. No red light. I want to go home now. NOW. NOW.

*Jeepney stops*

Dang. So much for wishing.

As he stepped into the jeepney, as if by any chance, he was just waiting for it stop so he could enter, I smelled the sampaguita and saw the envelopes he was giving the people before me.

He gave me one.

I looked at it and a lot of thoughts came rushing in my mind. It was almost 7:00PM. He should be at home, resting or studing for school tomorrow. But, no. He was here at the streets. He was making a way to earn some money for his family. It’s been a normal scene in the Philippines to see children begging for food or money. Even though if we want to give something to them, we can’t. Why? We’re not even sure if it is for his or her family.

I wondered about his parents. Do they know about this? Or rather, what are they doing while their son is working here at the street?

As he took the empty envelope away from me, I looked at him. His eyes were dull. I looked away immediately. As the jeepney started to move again, I thought of this–

Apathy. A normal emotion for anyone who would experience this.

Even for me.

I guess we’re no better than his parents.


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